I specialise in helping people ‘reset’ in difficult times combining my skills of Hypnotherapy, Nlp and Coaching. I work with my clients through confusion and help them to connect with their true selves more deeply, understand their most intense emotions, and discover simple and practical solutions that will make the changes they have been looking for.

In my sessions there’s no watch-waving, no. “You won’t turn into a zombie or cluck like a chicken.” Someone under hypnotherapy can hear everything; they’re still in full control.It’s kind of like when you fall asleep with the TV on. You are just getting very sleepy. 

I will be talking to you and you will be able to talk as well. When you are hypnotised I will get in contact with your subconscious mind and with your help and cooperation I will find out what is really causing you distress.

You will feel very relaxed, calm and at peace after the session.

You can’t change what’s going on around you until you start changing what’s going on within you

With me, you will:

  • Step outside your comfort zone

  • Connect with your inner feelings

  • Explore your life's big questions

  • Understand yourself better than before

  • Achieve a deep connection with your heart and mind

  • Understand where you are now, as well as where you want to go

  • Transform how you think and how you perceive the life around you.

  • Detach from your attachments

  • Develop new perspectives

  • Make the right decisions for you

  • Be 100% authentic 

  • To treat yourself with love

  • To be grateful and proud of who you are

  • Find the answers you're looking for

Finally, I am careful that  there is no rush to this journey. It's step by step, going at a natural pace and ensuring that strong connection with yourself is retained. This is the only way to identify the actions and the changes which are right for you and will enable genuine life transformation.