My coaching experience has taught me that the stronger the connection between coach and client, the greater the self-discovery that the client makes and the better the ultimate outcome for them.


my approach

Coaching for me is about holding a mirror close to ourselves, putting us face to face with our own deepest thoughts, fears, wishes and needs.

It’s about removing everything superficial, leaving ourselves metaphorically 'naked', showing who we really are on the inside confidently and without shame. It's to be 100% authentic and to treat oneself with love, to be grateful and proud of who we are.

It's to achieve a deep connection with our heart and mind so we understand where we are now, as well as where we want to go.  

This is what I have done myself, and is what I do with all my coaching clients.

I often tell people that “coaching is magic”, because I believe that all of us have the power to make something magic happen. The answers to achieving that live inside us all, we only need help to find it and unlock it.

With me as your coach, you will:

  • Step outside your comfort zone
  • Connect with your inner feelings
  • Explore your life's big questions
  • Understand yourself better than before
  • Detach from your attachments
  • Develop new perspectives
  • Make the right decisions for you

You will not only find the answers you're looking for, you'll also transform how you think and how you perceive the life around you.
Finally, I am careful that  there is no rush to this journey. It's step by step, going at a natural pace and ensuring that strong connection with yourself is retained. This is the only way to identify the actions and the changes which are right for you and will enable genuine life transformation.