I help parents to create a vision for parenthood, the values for themselves and their family, and work through areas that are causing challenging situations. 

We explore your struggles and create a clear picture of how you will become the parent you want to be and stay that way.




🔴 DEALING WITH ANGER. (6 sessions)

• WEEK 1 – Understanding your Anger. The real cause of your anger/ frustration and how to recognise the specific thinking that causes your stress. You’ll be surprised to learn that it’s not your child’s behaviour, or any other event.

• WEEK 2 – The Shift to reality. You will learn how to accept the reality of the challenging events and shift your perspective of the situation away from stressful thoughts

• WEEK 3 – Let’s Get Solution-Focussed learning new ways of responding to those little instances that end up sending us over the edge. It’s also about seeking out solutions to those bigger behavioural issues that can be quite frustrating. 

• WEEK 4 –  5-steps that you can apply to ANY situation that causes you stress. 

I will be sending you weekly emails with the content of the programme to read and to do homework. 

Every week during our session – online or face to face at my clinic in St Charles Hospital - we will talk about the challenges during the week. I will use powerful hypnotherapy processes to change the pattern of anger. 

 🔴 CHILDREN’S BEHAVIOUR (6 sessions)

I will help you to learn techniques of NLP to use with your children in the following situations: 

• Turn don’ts into do’s 

• Turn Stop’s into Go’s

• When you just know they’re going to say “No!”: offer effective choices & get a yes 

• Boundaries 

• Bring out the best in your children. 

Take care of you: 

• Losing my temper 

• Balance your needs. 

• Adjust your expectations. 

 🔴 RELATIONSHIPS: (6 sessions)

• Know what you want and be specific. 

• Understanding men and women.

• Character traits in men and women that can become problematic. 

• Effective communication strategies specific to men and women. 

• Resolving conflict when it comes to parenting on the same page. 

• How to argue without it turning into a fight.

• The four-step roadmap to discussing disagreements in your relationship.

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