my coaching services

I coach on many aspects of personal and professional life, but my specialty is in two areas which often create a lot of uncertainty and turbulence both emotionally and practically:

Becoming a parent

This can often come as a shock despite the joy and celebration. Your whole world changes and suddenly you are responsible for another life, as well as working and maintaining your health and relationships. I will help you find a balance between your career, social life, relationship and family time. Being a parent is a challenge and it is important to know your stress triggers and what you can do to relax.'m a mother of two, so this is something I've explored in depth, both in theory and in reality.

Relocation and expatriation

I support people who are foreigners in the country in which they live, or who will be in the future, or who are thinking about the idea as an option.


We all experience relationship problems at some point in our lives. The problems could occur with a family member, a friend, a lover or even a work colleague. If a certain partnership or connection is not fulfilling your expectations, your happiness can be affected. I support people at all stages of relationship decisions whether it be starting or ending a relationship, dealing with challenges, making changes within a relationship, or taking things to the next level. I will be able to show you different ways of coping with a sensitive situation, how to remain calm, understand what you want and make the right choice for you.


I also work with clients on the following themes:

    • Personal development
    • Handling pressure
    • Changing habits
    • Change management
    • Time management
    • Goal setting
    • Taking action
    • Overcoming procrastination
    • Weight loss or gain
    • Stress reduction
    • Overall health and well-being
    • Self-discovery and exploration
    • Work and life balance
    • Gaining clarity of thinking
    • Facing and overcoming fear
    • Enhancing social skills
    • Confidence and self-belief
    • Motivation and energy level
    • Interests and passions