I would highly recommend Arantxa from the Notting Hill Therapy Clinic. I cannot begin to describe the positive changes I am experiencing everyday thanks to the new skills I have learnt.
Thank you for everything.
— Lucy

Arantxa I can’t thank you enough, your sessions really made a big difference in my life and now I can safely say I feel and act like a different person. Throughout the sessions you were so good at listening and giving some sound advice and I really appreciate your help and support and giving back my confidence and making me believe that I can and am a great mum and wife. Thank you so much!

— Dipa

I subscribe for few weeks sessions with Arantxa, and she really help me on different area in my life!
How to cope and react with my 2 kids ( 4,5 and 2,5 years)
How to improve my relationship whit my husband and work as a team, 
How to take time for me, and how to have my confidence back!
I have to say, I was not sure 100% when I sign and she really help me already after few session! 
I was about to burn out, I was just an exhausted mum, I was just shouting and cracking before those sessions.
I can really see a difference in my life, more proactive, more happy, and  my motivation is back, also the relation with the kids and husband is so much better!
I will definitely recommend Arantxa, if you need a change in your life, you have the right person to help you here!

— Sarah

Arantxa is just wonderful! She has a very sensitive, patient and kind manner, making our sessions very comfortable. I am so grateful for her help and guidance and have noticed real differences in my everyday life since starting my course with her!

— Hannah

Arantxa is incredible, she is kind and caring I always look forward to our sessions. We have been using hypnotherapy to overcome obstacles I’ve been having at work and she has given me really useful processes that I can easily fit into my everyday life. I started noticing a difference within just a few sessions! Rebecca 
— Rebecca